It is good to be home! I wanted to send you more pictures; unfortunately, my i-photo on my lap-top is frozen in a perpetual search for something or other, and I cannot access or download photos. I was able to e-mail this one of the Library of Celsus, in Ephesus, to myself from my phone and am forwarding; if this works I may try others this way. Hope I can get the computer fixed soon!Our journey was to follow in Paul’s footsteps, and Ephesus was one of the places we visited. Bishop Carter spoke on Ephesians.
Since we have already covered the first and second chapters of Ephesians, let me give you his summary:
The letter, he said, is about the meaning of faith to the people of Ephesus. (He acknowledged that there is debate about the authorship of Ephesians. Pseudonymous writing was common in that day, as we have said, and was a way of honoring the person in whose name one wrote.)

Chapter 1: Paul begins with a word of gratitude and blessing, then states the purpose of the letter. God’s plan is to bring all people together as heirs; God’s people are ALL people. And all things are brought together in Christ.

Chapter 2: Bishop Carter said this chapter is a summary of the gospel, and our relationship with God. We were far off, lost in our sinful ways. However, God, who is rich in mercy brought us near. In verses 8 & 9, this is summarized,
"8For by grace you have been saved through faith, and this is not your own doing; it is the gift of God— 9not the result of works, so that no one may boast."
And in the remainder of the chapter (11 – 22) he speaks of how God has broken down the barriers and walls that divide Jew from Gentile, bringing the two together in one.

In Christ, God brought people together. It is wrong when we use his name to divide, when we forget about loving one another and sink into anger and hate.

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